Companies like Gartner Group, AMR Research, and Forrester Research show overall CRM implementation failure rates between 18% and 50%.  Some companies have the knowledge and expertise to effectively implement a CRM into their company, but most need help.

Our professionals can help you avoid common pitfalls including:

  • Failure to keep it simple and prioritize functionality
  • Failure to import good data – bad data in, bad data out
  • Failure to configure the CRM around your business, process and nomenclature
  • Failure to train properly

Salesnet has produced an extremely high success rate for clients who use one of our Accelerated Start-Up Service Packages.  We understand that a successful CRM requires not only an investment of money, but time and resources as well.  Our team of professionals have the skills, experience, and insight to help you speed up implementation and advance adoption across your users with our professional services.

We fully manage and guide you through every stage of the implementation process. You never have to worry about deadlines being forgotten or not achieving a milestone. We’ve developed a quick, straightforward, and cost-effective approach, geared towards delivering specific business results and a rapid ROI that is tailored to each of your business’ needs. You benefit from our expertise and industry best practices.

Salesnet CRM Professional Services


We are so confident in Salesnet that we are now offering a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee.  If you choose our Accelerated Start-Up Services Package and are not satisfied with Salesnet CRM, we will refund your money within 90 days of your contract activation date.


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