Sales Made Simple with Salesnet

Sales Force Automation is at the core of Salesnet. We understand that every sales process is specific to each company. Our tools will empower your team to be more efficient and productive. We will help you turn leads into opportunities and then opportunities into customers. Collaboration, dashboards, pipelines and forecasting made simple.


Leads gives you a place to capture and nurture leads before they become opportunities. Whether you met them at a trade show or they filled out a form on your website, this is where you put your prospects.


Opportunities is where you track all of the information you need to know about your active deals including the stage of the sales cycle, when it’s expected to close, and how much it’s worth.


Contacts helps keep tabs on all your customers and potential customers. Contacts are people that will be associated to Accounts. Quickly create, locate, or edit your contacts. Get details with a click, or sort and filter using standard or customized list views.


Accounts keeps all the businesses that you deal with accurate and up-to-date. Associate Contact to Accounts and easily cross-reference all projects. You and your teams will be able to stay on top of orders, potential issues, and have the information needed to keep your customers well taken care of, happy, and loyal.


Salesnet Dashboards are state of the art when it comes to functionality, as well as easy to configure with a point and click approach. Salespeople and managers no longer have to have IT write special reports to understand the pipeline and forecast. Easily create, run, and edit the forecast with the easy to use dashboard and report capabilities in Salesnet.


Salesnet also comes with many out of the box forecast reports that can be used as is or modified to meet your needs. Salesnet also gives you the ability to drill down in real time to all the detail on reports and dashboards. No longer is there a need to pass forecast documents back and forth between salespeople and managers. You can now do all of this real time with everyone seeing the same data.