CRM Security

Unyielding security to protect your data is something that Salesnet takes very seriously. Salesnet was designed with security in mind and we utilize industry standard SSL encryption to ensure the privacy and security of your data. Access to company data is tightly controlled via robust multi-tenant architecture, source IP restriction options and even additional data and application isolation options for companies with specific industry requirements.  Salesnet CRM also includes role based security, to maintain control and define access to users and teams.

User and Data Configuration

Configurable Application Access Controls – granular authorization of functionality and data access by user, team or role IP Address Access Control – limit access to your company’s accounts to specific static source IP addresses. Object level access permissions – grant access to data fields, screens, reports, process and more for users, teams and roles. Configurable login policy – password strength requirements, login failure limits and forced resets

Multi-tenant, Keyed Data Architecture

State of the art multi-tenant security infrastructure.  All information is keyed by company making it impossible to be retrieved by unauthorized personnel.

Isolation Options

Even though the Salesnet CRM multi-tenant architecture is completely secure, some industries have specific data isolation requirements that Salesnet is able to provide.  There are several levels of application and database isolation options available.

Session Timeout and Tracking

Within Salesnet CRM, all application session traffic is logged with client IP address and date/timestamp.  We know who is logging and and when.  For enhanced security users will be logged out after a period of non-use and users are not permitted to be logged-in to multiple sessions at the same time to prevent data corruption.

Facility and Personnel Security

Salesnet CRM data center facilities adhere to industry best practices when it comes to physical and data security.  From biometric scanning to internal and external video surveillance, your information protected by a 5-level defense strategy.  Offline backups are encrypted and stored within same level of security.


For Salesnet, adherence to industry regulations and standards is common practice.  We are vigilant about maintaining a full understanding of data requirements so you don’t have to.