Sales Made Simple

Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts

Sales Force Automation is at the core of Salesnet. We understand that every sales process is specific to each company. Our tools will empower your team to be more efficient and productive. Use our sales automation features to quickly turn leads into opportunities and then opportunities into customers. Salesnet CRM is dashboards, pipelines, forecasts and reports made simple.

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Marketing Made Simple

Campaigns, Email, Mobile CRM, Documents

Salesnet delivers end-to-end resources to effectively identify, manage, engage and track lead sources and then communicate with contacts and accounts from a single system. Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels and automate repetitive tasks.

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Configuration & Customization Made Simple

Process Builder, XML Web Services API, Data Import

Salesnet is a flexible, configurable CRM solution with features that drive sales and marketing effectiveness while insuring the highest level of support and security. We believe that a CRM should wrap around your business and easily configure to your processes, your reports and your nomenclature to advance adoption and reduces complexity during implementation.

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Training & Support Made Simple

Experienced Professionals, Help Desk, Webinars, FAQs

Salesnet embraces the importance of training with every CRM implementation. Whether onsite or online, our training has specific goals that coincide with purposeful tasks to speed adoption among users. In addition, Salesnet CRM features a Help Center with several types of support for all users including tutorial videos, guides and FAQs.

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Data Security Made Simple

Role-Based Security, IP Address Restriction, Field-Level Permissions

Unyielding security to protect your data is something that Salesnet takes very seriously by utilizing role based security to maintain, control and define access across users and teams. Access to company data is tightly controlled via robust multi-tenant architecture, source IP restriction options and even additional data and application isolation options are available for companies with specific industry requirements.

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