CRM Consulting and Professional Services

Our consultants have the skills, experience, and insight to help you leverage Salesnet CRM and see results. We offer a variety of Professional Services to get you up and running quickly and to enhance your performance.

Business Consulting

First and foremost, we believe it is a necessity that we listen and take time to fully understand your business, its goals and challenges. Beginning with our new customer implementation projects, we make sure that your Salesnet CRM solution is aligned with your business objectives. We are also not afraid to consider systems and processes in other areas of your business to help drive a cohesive and integrated solution. Take a moment to review our Startup Services documentation. When our customers want to discuss a new idea or challenge, or just want to brainstorm, they know they can do so at any time. Often, clients consult with us prior to making any changes or adjustments themselves. In this way, Salesnet provides far more than CRM software.

Ultimately, we want you to be successful and Salesnet wants to be your CRM partner for the long haul.

Implementation Management and Execution

We fully manage and guide you through every stage of the implementation process. You never have to worry about deadlines being forgotten or not achieving a milestone. We've developed a quick, straightforward, and cost-effective implementation approach, geared towards delivering specific business results and a rapid ROI that is tailored to each your business’ needs. Our proven implementation process always keeps your objectives top-of-mind: maximum adoption, ease of use and measurable business results. Our pre-packaged implementation services are built upon years of experience implementing Salesnet CRM. You benefit from our expertise and industry best practices, so your time to productivity is rapid. For most customers, our Startup Services Package is the best place to start on a path to successful CRM implemenation.

Training with a Purpose

Training is obviously an important key to the adoption of any CRM implementation. But, at Salesnet, we consider consistent ongoing training even more important to long-term CRM acceptance and success. Our philosophy when it comes to training is “Train with a Purpose”. Every opportunity to train should have specific goals during the session that coincide with purposeful tasks for each user to accomplish after the session. We approach training sessions with the same consultative mindset we use with implementations. We listen to you and tailor training to meet your needs. A few of our training offerings are listed below:

  • Live Customer Training: Instructor-led, in-person or online training, which can be based on our curriculum or customized to your specific requirements.
  • Self-Service Training: Coming Soon! Pre-recorded training sessions. Each session presents an overview of a specific area or function in Salesnet CRM that can be viewed at your convenience.

View Salesnet CRM Training Course Catalogs

Development and Integration

Salesnet offers a turnkey solution for sales, but is designed to easily integrate with existing legacy systems, enabling you to share information across your organization. We offer a variety of scalable, open and powerful integration methods, with choices to accommodate any level of integration skills and budget.

Integration Links: Integration Links provide a simple way to integrate basic systems by clicking on configurable links. The links can be easily configured by your own administrator in minutes. Use I-links for passing deal information to billing systems, sharing contact information with marketing, tracking product inventory levels in your ERP system, etc.

Web Services API: Our Web Services API is the most mature, complete and robust integration in the industry and is based on open standards, making integration affordable for any company. It is ideal for companies who need heavyweight, highly customized integrations.

Your developers will find that our Web Services API provides the deepest, most robust, customizable integration architecture possible, using XML Web Services. Integrate legacy systems such as call centers, marketing automation and ERP.

Using the API, you can build a bridge for sharing critical customer and sales data across the enterprise, reducing data entry time by allowing your users to enter a piece of data once instead of several times. You can push or pull lead, account, contact, opportunity, campaign, appointment, task and notes data to and from Salesnet - in real time or at intervals you set.

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