Salesnet CRM Product Comparison

included = Included not included = Additional Fee  
Salesnet CRM Feature Enterprise Standard Notes
Unlimited number of Users included included  
Process Builder included included Create Processes to manage your company's workflow and guide your Users through each customer interaction.
Process Builder Usage Rights included included Define which Users can use each Process within Salesnet. Allows companies to grant usage based on workflows specific to each Position, Team, or User.
Reports included included Open-ended ability to create and manage an unlimited number of analytical sales reports, forecast reports, and activity reports geared specifically towards your business needs. Report definitions can be stored and shared.
Report Snapshots included included Take snapshots of your Subtotal Report outputs. Makes the examination/analysis of historical data easier and more efficient.
Snapshot Comparisons included included Compare two Report snapshots in a color-coded comparison report to gain a visual handle on how your pipeline is changing.
Dashboard included included Customize your Welcome Page with charts and graphs to give you a quick, visual representation of important Opportunities, Opportunity Steps, Accounts, Contacts, Appointments, and Tasks.
Salesnet Offline CRM included not included Allows you to add, edit, and delete Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities (including Opportunity Steps), Multi-Notes, Appointments, and Tasks when an Internet connection is unavailable, and later refresh the changed data back to Salesnet Online when you do have access to the Internet.
Salesnet Security, Stability, Scalability included included Salesnet's application infrastructure is designed to provide airtight security, 99.6% uptime, and unlimited scalability.
Marketing, Communication Manager included included Create custom templates for form letters, envelopes, and labels, using Microsoft Word. Email templates can be created using our built-in HTML editor. Templates can be used within Salesnet for mass email campaigns, proposal generation, and a wide variety of communications. Email can be generated within Salesnet with the click of a mouse.
Marketing, Campaign Manager included not included Capture all your campaign data including ROI, conversion rate, cost, tasks and emails in one tab. The campaign manager is able to show campaign trends and ensure you are investing your marketing resources effectively.
Marketing, External Data Capture of Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities included not included Capture leads from your Web site and the application will route them intelligently to your team.
Microsoft Outlook Integration included not included Synchronize contacts, appointments and tasks with your Salesnet CRM account from your desktop using our Microsoft Outlook Add-in. You can also link sent and received email to Contacts in Salesnet CRM.
Calendar included included Schedule Appointments and Tasks for yourself or other Users, and if needed, link them to Accounts, Contacts, or Opportunities.
Multiple Layouts and Layout Usage included included Create multiple screen layouts for Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities, and grant Usage rights to said layouts for specific Positions, Teams, and Users. This allows for customized interfaces for different departments.
Process Builder SmartForm Editor included included Create custom screens that make it even easier to collect critical sales data at specific steps of each Process.
Bind Specific Opportunity Layouts to a Process included included Allows for coordinated design of layouts for specific Processes.
Document Library included included Store documents within Salesnet that can be accessed any time, anywhere. As said documents are updated, this information is available seamlessly to all Users.
Importing Data included included Import data in comma-separated values (CSV) file format from external sources.
Accounts included included Accounts are the companies that you are doing business with or hope to do business with. New Accounts can be entered in a variety of ways.
Contacts included included Contacts are the customers or potential customers whom you deal with that -- in most cases -- work at your Account companies. New Contacts can be entered in a variety of ways.
Leads included not included The leads tab is a separate database to collect contact and account that have not yet been qualified. The leads can be converted to Accounts, Contacts and or Opportunities with a click of a mouse. Lead Queues can be established to allow for a more efficient way to process leads within a team. Salesnet tracks leads through the entire life cycle.
Opportunities included included Opportunities are the specific business opportunities with your Accounts (companies) and Contacts (customers or potential customers) that you hope will lead to revenue for your company.
Process-designated Opportunity Values included included Designate custom fields to represent the Value of an Opportunity using each Process. Fields can be calculated from other custom fields.
Exporting Data included included You can export your data directly to Excel or a comma-separated values (CSV) file for manipulation in other applications.
Won/Lost Reason Codes for Opportunities included included Enable your organization to track why its opportunities are being Won or Lost, which is key for improving your sales organization and increasing your bottom line.
Won/Lost Reason Codes for Opportunities are required: included included All Administrators can establish Won/Lost Reason Codes for Opportunities, but only Salesnet Extended edition Administrators will be able to make them required, establish for which Processes they will be available, and select whether or not Users will be able to enter more than one Reason Code at a time.
Fiscal Months, Quarters, and Years for Reports included included Defining and setting your company's Fiscal time frame enables you to generate extremely accurate reports and forecasts.
Activity Types and Purposes included included By assigning Types and Purposes to specific Activities you will be able to generate powerful reports that will help you track/evaluate your organization's focus and efforts.
Products, Services, and Lead Sources included included Any number of your company's Products and/or Services can be associated with each of your company's Opportunities, allowing you to track what your organization is currently selling -- and forecast what your organization will be selling -- through reporting. Lead Sources describe the places and methods by which your organization obtains its prospects. Lead Sources can be associated with your company's Opportunities, allowing you to track where the most productive leads are coming from through reporting.
Message Center included included The Message Center is the hub for sending and receiving messages to and from other Salesnet Users.
Company Preferences included included Set SSL encryption as mandatory for all Users, establish the number of consecutive times a User can login unsuccessfully before being locked out (Login Attempt Limit), establish Password rules for your Users, choose your Multi-Note options, and choose your Linked Email options.
User and Company Profiles included included Allows you to manage your personal profile, your other Users' profiles, and your company's profile. Assign privileges to your Users to let them access various areas of Salesnet.
Web Services API included not included Integrate your Salesnet data with other best-of-breed applications like call center, marketing automation, and customer support software via XML Web Services.
Salesnet Mobile CRM included not included Allows users to manage leads, account, contacts, opportunities, appointments and task via smart phones. Salesnet Mobile is designed to be accessed via any standards-compliant smart phone browser. Salesnet Mobile CRM supports Blackberry OS (4.6+, 5.x), Apple iPhone iOS (3+, 4+), Windows Mobile (6.1+), and Google Android (2.1+)."
Multi panel capability included included Allows for custom panel displays using buit in pages and web based applications.
Standard Email Support (Email Support) included included  
Phone Support included not included  

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